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Admittedly was a little underwhelmed at first; but after realizing that this was developed in only 7 days as part of a game jam - and that you did all the graphics and sound yourself - I'm really impressed. Resized my window to alleviate some of the motion blur, and it worked really well. Digging the tracks a lot (and have some of your other music in the background now), and the game's SFX are terrific!

After about 20 minutes, I was able to find "another rocket and made it back... Down To Earth". :)  Thanks for the fun time!! Great job!

thanks for playing + for the feedback! ^_^

I really wanted to play this game but when I loaded it up it had awful motion blur and couldn't even do anything or move around without dying ): Everything was blurry. 


The vibe of this game is wonderful. The combination of the ethereal music, whimsical sound effects, colorful world, and pretty simple, not difficult gameplay really create a chill atmosphere that I felt very relaxed playing. Would definitely check out a longer version of this game. 


This game was a trip! Like, a gay space acid trip and i loved every second of it. Please make more, i'll be following for it ^_^

I appreciate this review lol, thanks so much! 


Pew Pew, nom nom .  Music is tight!


Can we have a Linux build please?


I really tried to play this game, booted it up on three different computers, but on all three of them every time I moved the screen went super choppy and all Unreal-Engine-4 Vaseline-anti-aliasing-blurry. It’s super hard to do 3D platforming when you’re constantly surrounded by enemies you can barely see, let alone hit! The art style here is so nice, the music is cool, but the game just isn’t working for me.

Great game to play from time to time

I would absolutely play more of this, i really liked the vibe. Try to make the jump less heavy, i felt sluggish when jumping but i liked it! 

thanks for the feedback!:)

you're welcome. Looking forward to playing more of your projects!


Please, please, please make this a full game! I seriously had so much fun playing it, the music and sfx are super cute and amazingly well done! 


What a cool game! I know everyone has already said it BUT the sound effects are absolutely amazing haha and the music as well !! it's also just a very cute game in general :) 

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Please make this vr and I'll be happy.


This was the cutest experience, it made me so happy! The sound design was really what makes this top tier. The music is super chill and nice, but it's all of the cute sound effects that made this such a fun game for me. I found that even I wasn't hurt, I really, really wanted to eat those donuts just because I wanted to hear the eating sound effect


absolutely love this game, wish it was longer! would totally buy it


I absolutely love the entire vibe of this game. If it were to get a full release with some more polish added in I would 100% play it. The soundtrack (and sound effects) and the art style go extremely well together and make it an incredibly cute and fun experience. My only complaint would be that the mechanics for the enemies are extremely simple, but for a 7 day dev time this is amazing. 

thank you for the feedback!:)

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Hey there!! I just came across this as I was going through all the games in the racial justice bundle. Few things:

1. This game is absolutely beautiful

2.Amazing Artwork

3.Soundtrack is phenomenal

4.Absolutely WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS be a full game!!

Keep up the amazing work!!!

thanks so much! I'm definitely thinking about it:)

Great soundtrack!

aw thanks so much!